Sunrise Productions is a New Delhi based Ad agency and Marketing company providing wide range of creative solutions to commercial, corporate, government & independent clientele. We bring to the table a unique blend of marketing expertise, creative talent and technical proficiency to turn visionary ideas into exceptional brand experiences that can drive business growth.

From film making to revamping brand identity, from new age social media to radio advertising, from marketing strategy to web designing, we can be a trusted partner for all the high spirited, creative and value added campaigns.


  • Films help build confidence in consumers! A study finds that almost two thirds of consumers say that videos make them more confident in a purchase and trust a company. Either its an ad film, documentary, corporate film or webisode, it  Increase the perceived value of your company. A well made film can give you an edge over your competitor.


  • A good design creates a brand or an image. First impression is everything. Graphic design has the power to take your advertising efforts to the next level and give you and edge, not only capturing attention, but making your message unforgettable. Our team will work with your company to design graphics that break through the chaos & highlight your corporate identity in the competitive market.


  • Multi-camera productions are a great way to record live events, seminars, honorary speakers, music concerts and much more from different angles. Our veteran production team can handle whatever your project demands, from sit down interviews to live multi camera events, and everything in between!


  • Research shows that radio, has the lowest level of advertising avoidance – people rarely switch stations and are available to listen to any message that is relevant, creative & intriguing. Creativity is important in advertising, good sound effects and punchy voice overs will attract your audience’s attention.


  • The essence of giving corporate gifts is to strengthen an existing or a new relationship.  This could be with the clients or for the employee. The gifts help them feel honored &  appreciated. High-quality executive gifts are a proven and trusted means of thanking  clients while subtly promoting your own brand. SP can make the act of corporate gift buying less stressful and more fun.


  •  Professionals always make sure that their offices, their uniforms and even their actions look professional. Even the manner of speaking needs to sound professional in order to communicate well with people in the industry. Hence, it is also important for the website to look professional & communicate well. A website provides your business with a 24-hour presence to a global audience. Thanks to our web develeopement team that we can make it all done!



Meet our creative team.

Gagan Rewari

Gagan Rewari

Gagan Rewari, a graduate in journalism, and a diploma holder in animation & editing, started his filmmaking journey with writing, directing & producing animation films. With his passion towards filmmaking & a vision to create branding & design solutions, he launched Sunrise Productions. Since its inception in 2007, Sunrise Productions has evolved as a fully integrated advertising agency with a large and diverse range of talents working together on a common platform.

Creative Designer
Jane Helf

Neha Arora

Neha, started her career six years ago with country's renowned music channel and later moved on to automated graphics software company providing real-time graphic solutions for television broadcasters across the globe before joining Sunrise Productions. A graduate in advertising and diploma in commercial arts, designing & motion graphics, her experience has cultivated the ability to efficiently communicate designing process with the clients.

Marketing & Branding Consultant
Joshua Insanus

Shruti Khanna

A dynamic Marketing professional with creative bent of mind, Shruti brings with her 8 years of diversified industry experience with the likes of IT, automotive and academics. She has a proven track record in strategic marketing, corporate communication, digital marketing and brand management. A post graduate in marketing management and public relations, she has a passion to seek new avenues to demonstrate her skills.


Truly, there is no better advertisement than happy clients passing on their experiences with friends & colleagues!


If you’ve got a product to launch, an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, give us a call.